A Day in the Life of Jacques Cousteau

Would you like to be brave and explore underwater?  If you do, then you might like to spend a day with Jacques Cousteau like I did.

jacquesOne day I put on my goggles to go see the underwater creatures and plants.  Then I went deeper in the ocean with brave Jacques Cousteau.  I saw more beautiful sea creatures and plants.  I saw sea horses, fish, crabs, and a little octopus.  I saw a coral reef.  It looked beautiful.

The fearless Jacques Cousteau and I spend most of our time exploring underwater.  It is so pretty underwater.  Jacques said, “We must go see for ourselves.”  When he saw something moving, it was just some fish eating algae.  It was really colorful being underwater.  It looked like I could stay there forever.

This was my best day ever.  I wish I could go underwater again with Jacques Cousteau.  Until that day, I will learn as much as I can about underwater sea creatures.

Written by AC

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Jacques Cousteau

  1. Jacques Cousteau sounds like a very exciting person. He has a great job since he gets to explore the world under the ocean. I wish I could have gone with you on the undersea adventure.

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