A Day in the Life of James Buchanan

Do you want to become a leader when you grow up?  If you do, you should spend a day with James Buchanan.  He was the fifteenth President of the United States of America.james bucannan

I met Buchanan during the election of 1856.  Millard Fillmore, John Fremont, and James Buchanan were running for President.  James Buchanan was smart, successful, and had excellent public speaking skills.  I heard Buchanan’s speech.  He talked about slavery.  Buchanan said that he would end slavery.  I liked it because it was interesting, and I was an abolitionist.  I gave my vote to James Buchanan.  Buchanan had the least popular votes, but since he had the most electoral votes, he won the election.

I am glad he won the election, and I am happy because I voted for James Buchanan.  James Buchanan is famous because he worked in politics and became a very successful President.  Would you have been smart enough to vote for James Buchanan?

Written by GP

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