A Day in the Life of Jane Goodall

Are you scientific?  Are you an explorer?  Well if you are, you will enjoy spending some time with Jane Goodall.  I got a chance to spend time with Jane Goodall jane goodalland her chimps in trees, eating the chimpanzee’s food and studying their behavior.

For the first time ever in my life I got to see a chimpanzee up close, in real life.  I got to touch one.  We also were acting like a chimp.  We swung in trees, ate figs and made chimp noises.  I helped Jane find figs for the chimps.  Then we went on a brave quest to see who can find the most chimpanzees.  Before we left on the quest she said, “We must speak for them – for they could not speak for themselves.”  I have been noticing that Jane and I are both believers.  We both believe that we could save the chimpanzees.

Jane is very independent and I am too.  It was fun spending time with Jane Goodall but it’s time to go to the real time and go back home.  Jane Goodall changed my life by motivating me to be an animal scientist.

Written by MP

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