A Day in the Life of Tony Hawk

Are you athletic?  If you are you might like to meet the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk like I did.  When I was with him, he did his amazing trick.

In 1999, Tony made history at the Summer X Games.  I was with Tony Hawk at the “Best Trick” competition and Tony Hawk pulled off an impossible trick called tony hawkthe 900.  It got its name from the number of rotations skaters make – 900 degrees.  He completed the 900 the most impossible trick.  He was flipping in mid-air with his skateboard.

I never knew anyone could do the 900.  Tony Hawk said, “I consider skateboarding an art form, a life style and a sport, action sports would be the least offensive categorization.”  I heard him tell a newspaper reporter after the competition.  He was strong enough to do the 900 at the “Best Trick” competition.

I’m glad I’m part of the skateboarding community.  Well, I am not a pro skateboarder yet.  Would you be brave enough to volunteer for the “Best Trick” competition challenge?

Written by MV

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