A Day in the Life of Anne Frank

If you are brave could you survive Anne Frank’s life?  Could you hide with very little food?  Wondering if I was brave enough, I went back in time to spend a day anne frankwith Anne Frank.

I was hiding in the annex trying not to be too loud.  I was eating mashed potatoes and pickled kale because there was no oil, and no more butter.

I saw Anne write in her diary saying “that she wants to go on living while she is dead.”  The Nazis broke in and took us to the concentration camp.  We ate very little there.  I got sick because every meal we had was very salty or sour.

Anne Frank went to the sick bay with Margot.  I heard she died.  I was heartbroken.  Even though no one knew me, I knew her.  That day I will always remember how I got to feel the torture.  Can you be calm and brave in Anne Frank’s life?

Written by AT

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