It was a sunny, radiant day at the Great Piedmont Zoo.  I was checking the animals.  Then I saw a box that said, “DANGEROUS” in red words.  I called the staff over.  We could examine this animal together.

I was going to open the box.  When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe I saw a swavber.  We quickly got a mask, so we would not smell the swavber’s spray.  A swavber has a liquid similar to the one a skunk has.  They have excellent eyesight.  They can see in the day and night.  They also have a good sense of smell.  They can smell a predator two miles away.  With their great hearing, they can hear a lion roar four miles away.  They can run 42 miles per hour and are expert at swimming and climbing trees.  Its fur is soft.  The fur helps the swavber stay warm in winter.  They are weird because some winters they hibernate and some winters they don’t.

This swavber is not a baby.  I can tell because it does not have a brownish color.  Also swavbers are born in the spring.  Baby swavbers are called cubs.  When swavbers are adults they have a tannish color.  When swavbers are babies, they drink milk from their mother.  Twenty days after the swavber is born, they are ready to walk and run.

Swavbers live in Virginia mountains, caves, and forests.  They live in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Mountain Regions.  In summer and spring, they live in the forest.  In winter and fall they live in caves.

Swavbers eat fruit like grapes, berries, and apples.  They eat vegetables like carrots and lettuce.  Swavbers are herbivores.  Mountain lions eat adult and baby swavbers.  Hawks and eagles eat baby swavbers.  Humans kill swavbers for their fur.  They use the fur for blankets, winter coats, and costumes.  So if you want to see a swavber, get your keys, get in the car, and drive to the Great Piedmont Zoo!

~ Written by GP

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