It was one sunny morning at the Forest Zoo when suddenly a box arrived with air holes on the top and a stamp that said “DANGEROUS!” I asked all of my workers to come and help me open the box.  When we opened the box, we put a net on top.  It was the weirdest animal we ever saw!  It was the RABSPID- a mix between a rabbit and a spider.

The rabspid was not an adult.  It was a baby because it had no hair.  It was pink and it only had two dotted striped lines on his/her back.  We hope it will grow its hair soon so we can see if it is a girl or a boy.  If it has gray hair, it is a boy, and if it has white hair, it is a girl.  Rabspids are born in an egg and live for about 20 years.

I can still not believe the rabspid did not run right towards us and poison us with its fangs.  The rabspid can run 2,000 miles per hour!  The rabspid was a baby, but it had dotted stripes which means it’s the deadliest spider on earth.  They have claws and toes.  The toes help it jump really high.  The claws help it climb up trees and dig holes.  The rabspid can breathe under water and has really sharp teeth.

Rabspids live everywhere in Virginia.  They live in places that have a lot of food.  They live in trees, dens, caves, mountains, water, webs, and swamps.  Rabspids do not like cold places.

Rabspids are omnivores.  They eat plants and animals.  They eat bugs, spiders, small mammals, and small reptiles, flowers, and other plants.  The rabspids predators are the hawk and big reptiles.  The rabspid was the coolest animal we ever saw!

~ Written by MP

One thought on “Rabspid

  1. What a great piece of writing, Mitzy! The rabspid sounds like a very interesting creature! I’d sure like to see one! Keep up the great writing!

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