Flamango Dog

It was June 17th, when I heard something that sounded like a bird but also a dog.  I got out of my office to make sure all the animals were alright.  I didn’t see anything.  I still heard the noise, so I left the zoo to see if it was something outside of the zoo.  I saw a huge box with the word DANGEROUS.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.

It was a flamango dog.  These animals were almost extinct.  It is a rare creature.  The flamango lives in the Tidewater Region.  It lives along the York River.  The land is moist and has a lot of water.  The flamango dog builds an underwater cave to live in.  The cave is made from giant rocks.

The claws of the flamango dog help it carry rocks.  Its sharp teeth help it bite fish.  The flamango can curl up its long tail to catch shrimp.  It can see in the dark.  It can live on land or the river.

The flamango dog is not often a prey to animals.  A flamango dog eats shrimp and leaves.  It is an omnivore.  The flamango dog has venom, but it is not strong enough to kill insects.

The flamango dog’s life cycle is similar to ours.  First, an egg hatches and becomes a chick.  The eggs are purple, with blue and golden stripes.  The chicks then start getting bigger and bigger.  They live for 50 years.  The flamango dog gets wrinkles when it gets older.  Females can grow to be 5 feet tall.  Males grow to be about 8 feet tall.

I decided to put it in a cage.  People loved to see this animal.  The flamango dog was very kind.  He let everybody pet him.  My zoo became very popular.

~ Written by NC

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