It was another Monday afternoon in the Piedmont zoo until a boy came and said he found a box labeled “Dangerous!”  He knew it was an animal because he could feel it move in the box.  I told the boy I would take a look and he left.

I had a few helpers just in case it could not be controlled.  When we opened it, the animal was a brturak.  I knew lots of facts about the brturak because I read ten books about the animal.  It thinks the box is its cave.  That is why it was sleeping standing up.

I knew not to disturb it because it will bite or sting.  It woke up and quickly went in its shell for protection.  It saw test tubes and needles.  It was scared.

I knew that it was a baby because it was yellow and didn’t have any adaptations except bite, sting, & shell.  It wants to run, but it does not have fully grown claws.  That is good for us.  He also can’t use his wings until he is older.

It seems very hungry, I will see if we have any berries or fish.  We have to find a place for him to live, but he will have to stay away from hawks, bears, and big birds.  We don’t even want to let him next to the alligator pit.  If you want to feed and pet the brturak come down to the Piedmont zoo.


One thought on “Brturak

  1. Angie, I enjoyed your story. I was surprised that the Brturak sleeps standing up. I am glad that you read 10 books about the Brturak. I hope I can come visit your zoo sometime. Keep up the creative work!

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