Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandyHave you ever been in a hurricane? Well I have. Did you know that some hurricanes can knock down or destroy houses and trees?

A hurricane is a very strong storm that begins in the ocean. Also, if you look at a hurricane above from the sky, the hurricane looks like a doughnut.

When I looked out the window, the wind was blowing so hard that a big branch fell off a big tree! So I got a flashlight and said, “Hurricanes can have a lot of rain and wind.”

Did you also know that hurricanes are named after people and they go in ABC order? Hurricane Sandy was the 19th hurricane in 2012!

So, I turned on my flashlight and I turned on my TV to make sure that I had  power. I did! When I saw the news, I was scared of how wide the hurricane was so I turned off the TV. Hurricane Sandy was 1,00 miles wide!

When the hurricane ended, I fell asleep.

Written by AG

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Astrid, Hurricane Sandy sure was a scary storm! I watched all the damage it caused. I sure am glad it did not do more damage. You are a good writer and I could really tell by reading your story that Sandy had scared you. It sure scared me too!

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