Scottie Dog Party

I forgot Monday was Labor Day and I went to school. The door to the school was closed! So I knocked loudly on the door. A big, black Scottie dog tried to open the door.  He jumped up high, grabbed the handles and pushed the door open.

Then he showed me the way inside. We went to Mrs. Wright’s room and do you know what we found? There was a Scottie dog Labor Day party!

The Scottie dogs were dancing, barking, running in circles and then they started to sniff me.

The blue reading table was covered with dog treats.  There were biscuits, cake, cookies, ice cream pup cups and bones. I joined in and ate some cake.

Next, the dogs started playing games.  The dogs were chasing their tails so I started running in circles like them. I grabbed a fluffy, blue and purple stuffed cat and threw it across the room. All the Scottie dogs raced for the stuffed cat and attacked it. They went crazy! I jumped up on the table, blew my whistle and suddenly one of the Scottie dogs gave me the stuffed cat.

I looked at the clock and I realized that it was time to go home.  I said goodbye to the Scotties and thanked them for inviting me to the dog party.  I went home and told my parents about my trip to school.


Written by Mrs. Wright’s Entire Class (2012/13)

One thought on “Scottie Dog Party

  1. Sounds like I missed a great dog party in Mrs. Wright’s room! What fun! I hope to be invited to the next Scottie dog Labor Day party! I’ll bring the dog biscuits 🙂

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