Brain Power

On Monday Mrs. Garzione’s class had to take their Reading SOL test. They were nervous and anxious about taking their very first SOL test. The cafeteria was serving a special solbreakfast to help everyone on their tests. The cafeteria workers added a memory potent to the juice, waffles and egg sandwiches. The students brought their breakfast back to their classroom.

They ate and then something strange began to happen. The students’ brains began to tingle and Alex said, “I feel like I have super powers.” Austin’s and Justin’s heads began to grow because the breakfast was making them super smart. Everyone was suspicious, but excited because the school breakfast seemed to be giving them more brain knowledge.

After they finished their breakfast, Mrs. Garzione said it was time to start the reading test. They logged in to the computers and started their test. They gasped when they saw the test had 9,000 questions and they fell out of their chairs! They started reading and they discovered that the breakfast potent made them speed readers. They noticed that there were 150 stories with high school vocabulary, but the potent made their brains remember everything Mrs. Garzione had taught them this year.

Mrs. Garzione was shocked when her students were finished in 5 seconds because of the breakfast potent. When Mrs. Garzione checked their scores, they all passed the test with Pass Advance. She was so proud of them.

The next day they had a pizza party with ice cream sundaes. They hoped to earn an electronics party by doing well on the math SOL.

Then they went to practice math for their test.

A tall tale written especially for Mrs. Garzione’s class by Mrs. Wright’s class as they get ready for their test. You can do it!


Floating Super Powers

One sunny day Christabelle and I were at the park swinging on the swings. We were floatjinghaving a competition to see who could swing the highest. We went so high that we touched the sky with our feet.

When we came down from the sky, we did not want to be on the swings any more so we went to the slide. And before we slid down Christabelle and I flew back to the sky. Then I fell down out of the sky with Christabelle.

After that I went to Christabelle’s house and Christabelle and me were trying to figure out how we did that. Then we thought the sky was pulling us to the sky.

We were suspicious so we concentrated a lot to know what happened. Later on, we knew we had super powers of floating. We were so happy that we hugged each other. After we hugged I wanted to go floating again so I asked Christabelle if she could go floating with me. She said, “Yes” so, we went to float. Then we were so happy and every day we went floating together.

A tall tale written by Christabelle



One day mom, dad and I were going to the beach. When we got there, it was night sharkstime, so we went to our beach house and we went to sleep.

The next day I was on the beach and all of a sudden, a shark came out of the sand! Then we rushed to the store but then…A huge shark crushed the whole store! Then a tornado came, and it turned into a sharknado.  Next, it started raining sharks. And then we rushed to the car and went 100 mph and we drove to Oklahoma.

Two days later our car got sucked up by a tornado. Then we came down and landed on a cow. And then a 100 ft. shark came down at 99,000 mph and it crushed the whole car!  I got so scared. I got out of the car and jumped to outer space. Then, I got picked up by a UFO. I went to Mars and I played tag with the aliens. I decided to stay on Mars.

A tall tale written by Cole

The Crazy Park Adventure

playgroundOne sunny morning Alina and Liba and Eshaal went to the park. They were having fun. They played soccer and basketball. They got very tired, so they sat on the bench and rested for five minutes.

When five minutes were over they played tag. Alina was the tagger. Eshaal went down the slide. When he slid down he went 500 feet up in the sky and landed in Hawaii. Alina asked Liba where is Eshaal. Liba shrugged. They both went looking for him.

Meanwhile, Eshaal didn’t know where he was so he went exploring. He got lost and fell in a trap. Liba and Alina didn’t find him, but they found a bird and an eagle. They were talking. They interrupted their talk and asked where Eshaal was. The bird and eagle said they did not know. Alina and Liba didn’t know where to find him.

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Finding Gold

goldOne sunny morning at the beach David ,Aaron  and I were excited to go to VA beach.  We drove in our car to the beach and went to the hotel. We saw 103,999 gold pieces in David’s room. We concentrated on getting the gold out and putting the gold in a spot.

The next day, David and Aaron went digging for gold and money at the beach We found 189,999 dollars buried in the sand. The next day I went to put on my scuba diving equipment. We were going to look for more gold, but this time I went to the ocean and found 199,067 gold pieces.

Then something interrupted me. It was a stranger. I was frantic. I was scared and then David picked me up and we got back to the hotel. We counted how much money and gold we had. We had $4,077 of gold and we had $189,999. They equal $194,076 in dollars and gold.

We were so, so, so, so, so happy. We were rich. The next day we brought some stuff. We went to the store car. I bought a gold car. I drove the gold car back to the beach to go swimming and then we left to go home.

A tall tale written by Daniel

The Crazy Camping Trip

The twins Alex and Alexa love to go camping.  So, one sunny morning they packed up campingtheir camping equipment and they left to go to the forest. They looked around the campground and found a perfect spot. The one they picked had no people in it, a great fire pit, it was near the lake and there were a lot of trees. Alex and Alexa set up the trailer and then they decided to go on a hike in the woods.

They got their backpacks and put in some granola bars, marshmallows, takis and water. Next, they got their walking sticks and headed to the mountain. When they got there, they gasped because the sign at the bottom of the mountain said the mountain was 20,000 feet tall!

Alex and Alexa started walking up the mountain. They trudged up the path and stopped when they heard a voice. They looked around and saw a talking squirrel. The squirrel warned them about a ravenous wolf. He told them the wolf had very sharp teeth and his teeth were always bloody and ten feet long.

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